Counseling Services


I provide brief therapy for majority of clients, although some clients may need more time to achieve the goals they set out for themselves. I offer specialized therapy for children & adolescents, parenting, coparenting, divorce, weight loss, anger management, severe mental illness, and substance abuse. 

About Me

Kate Knapp Lengyel, J.D., M.S., LPC

Using effective methodology with clients to meet their immediate needs and realize their full potential.  Therapy is a necessary tool to discovering one's self at the various stages of life and maturity.  My goal is to achieve positive results with positive intervention.


Mediation & Collaborative Law 


Utilizing Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) processes as an alternative to litigation saves stress and money.  They serve to open the pathway to solutions and avoid the courtroom.  I am trained as a Family Law Mediator and Collaborative Law Mental Health Specialist.  These services are available for employment, child custody, and divorce matters. 


​​​Counseling By Kate