Couples Counseling

This treatment is appropriate for new couples, pre-marital growth, reviving relationships, same-sex couples, co-parenting, and renewal of marriages. 

Counseling is a process that requires a solid client-counselor relationship. Establishing this relationship is one of the most fundamental and difficult steps in counseling. I will work with my clients to achieve the trust, respect, honesty, and warmth that this relationship demands.  I will encourage my clients to take risks and move to places that are unknown within themselves.

This relationship is essential to rebuilding the relationship that exists between couples.  By learning what a healthy relationship looks like, couples will learn about their relationship with one another.

I use a variety of counseling techniques in Couples Counseling.  Based on the difficulties, goals, and expectations of the couple, I will utilize methods that are cohesive to the couple. 

Couples will be given the opportunity to freely express themselves within the sessions and work through the road blocks that appear in all relationships.  Learning to work as a team rather than battling each other will help couples to better communicate, love, and understand one another.  This process takes time and energy because of the complexity of two personalities discovering one another. 

*Spiritual counseling is available at the couple's requests *